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Stephanie D’Ambrosia, C.I.D. President / Certified Interior Decorator and Stager

Stephanie has her Bachelors Degree from Pepperdine University in Business and Communications. She had a thriving career in marketing for many years before starting a family and becoming a full time mom.

After the design and decorating of her own home, she was asked to do many different projects for friends and family. She decided to make a personal passion into a profession.

Stephanie has a great eye for color and fabrics and knows how to bring a room together. She prides herself on her professionalism, organizational skills and ability to give the clients what they want. Many people are tired of their white walls and yet they are afraid of color and do not know where to start on their rooms. Stephanie sees it as a vast canvas of creativity and possibility and enjoys bringing warmth and life into each room she creates with each client’s personality in mind. Her passion for design and decorating are fueled by her need to be surrounded by objects and interiors that inspire and please the senses.

Stephanie has completed the program at The Decorator Training Institute where she was certified as an Interior Decorator. She is also a member of The Certified Interior Decorators International, Inc.


Carolyn Hayward, C.I.D., Certified Interior Decorator and Stager

Carolyn has a Bachelors of Science degree from St. John's University, and has spent most of her working career in the fast-paced financial services industry.  She managed this career along with being a mother for her first child, until her commitment to her child’s growth brought her to be a full time mom.  Carolyn now has three wonderful children.

Carolyn’s aptitude for color matching started early in her life as she took specialized art classes that have improved her skills in understanding the importance of color and how color is represented in our lives.  She used these skills to take on the large project of decorating her own new-development house.  It was through this process where she discovered her passion for decorating and a focus for detail.

Her skills in listening to clients, project organization and professionalism that were developed in her financial services experience provide Carolyn the astute ability to ensure her client’s needs are consistently met. Carolyn brings a warm and charming breath of fresh air to her work and finds every client to be fully satisfied and enthralled with her work.

Carolyn has completed the program at the Decorator Training Institute where she was certified as and Interior Decorator.  She is also a member of The Certified Interior Decorators International, Inc.

Ronda Flick, Certified Interior Decorator and Stager


Ronda is a graduate of Rutgers University with a bachelor’s degree in Communications and Business Marketing.  Before becoming an interior decorator, Ronda had a successful career in the home fashion industry. 


Growing up with an interior decorator mom, Ronda was always in the world of design.  After decorating her own home, like Stephanie, Ronda was asked constantly to decorate  for her family and friends.  Before she knew it she began a fulfilling and enjoyable career.


Ronda pays great attention to detail which shows in her ability to pull any room together using color, accessories and artwork.  She is organized, listens to her client’s wants and needs and brings professionalism to every meeting.


She is currently working on her second certification to update her skills.  Ronda was certified as an interior decorator ten years ago by Golden Link Interiors, New York. 


Sondra Allen – Custom Window Treatments – Real Estate Stager

Sondra Allen has had a creative talent working with fabrics for many years.  As a young mother of two daughters, she would design window treatments, bedding and other fabric accessories for their rooms.  Eventually, as her daughters grew up and moved on with their lives, her passion for working with fabric became a full-time career.  Sondra enjoys finding fabrics, trims and accessories to create fabulous designs for that special window treatment or bedding ensemble that puts the finishing touch on any room.

Sondra is a large part of our team at Classic Creations Consultants.  She works with our team to design and create beautiful window treatments for our clients.  She is extremely talented, creative and well organized and always gets the job done remembering all the little details that truly make the final product spectacular.

Sondra also works with our staging clients in helping them design a good marketing plan for their home so that the selling process is a successful one.





Classic Creations Consultants is a full service Interior Decorating firm and Real Estate Staging Company.  Our design services include, color, paint, trim, and wallpaper selection, furniture and accessories, custom window treatments, flooring, lighting and detailed floor plans.  Whether you need a bathroom or kitchen remodeled , custom built-ins, or any of the above mentioned areas we can help you with all of your needs.  We are in a partnership with Dolce Home Improvements and we work together as a team to not only design but get the job done for you.  We strive to service your every need.

Real Estate Staging

Is your House Designed to Sell?

When selling your house, providing a good first impression could mean the difference between a quick sale and a long wait for a buyer. It can also mean a huge difference in the selling price.

As the real-estate industry has become increasingly sophisticated, the business of spiffing up homes for sale has become a huge selling point that many buyers have taken advantage of.

What Classic Creations Consultants Can Do For You

Our consultants at Classic Creations can help you with your bottom line. They can discuss with you how to stage your house to make it sell faster. Our consultants do an hour consultation that will result in a detailed typed marketing plan designed for each room of your home.  The homeowner can then do the work themselves or hire Classic Creations to get the job done. Our goal is to make your home the “Home of your Buyers Dreams.”

It’s nice to have a cozy, lived-in feel in your home while you are living there, but when considering a sell, you have to appeal to the broadest number of people possible. When selling a home, the rooms should look sleek, clean and devoid of any personal items. Although that sounds strong, potential buyers want to picture themselves in your home – not you.

We work with many realtors in the Mercer, Middlesex, and Monmouth areas.  We work with them as part of their team to make sure each of their listings is showing to their fullest potential.  Staging sells homes.

Call us today for your staging consultation.